When you are working on various assignments it is always great to get helpful hints. There are many factors that go into writing and formatting is one of them. If you do not set your format according to proper styles, you might face difficulties in writing and eventually lose points.


There are various formats that are used. MLA format and the APA format are the two commonly used ones. They have certain similarities while they also differ in some aspects. Here is a rundown for you.


MLA and APA 

  • A common thing between both is the general setup of every page. You must leave an inch of the border right across all sides of the page. You must indent each paragraph’s first line by 0.5 inches.
  • The fonts and their size are also the same. The font that is primarily used isTimes New Roman. But you can also use Arial. The font size also matters and size of 11 or 12 points would be ideal.
  • The title page for APA exists while the first page of the document contains the title for MLA. 
    • APA title includes title, name of author, affiliations, and author’s notes. The header contains a running head which is a shortened title on the left side and the page number on the right.
    • The MLA title goes on the top left of the first page and includes details like author name, subject, teacher name, and date. The header contains the author's last name and the page number towards the right.
  • Citation style is also different for both formats. The APA style is known as the author-,date format. It is written in parenthesis for the in-text as (Anonymous, 2021). On the other hand, the MLA style uses the author-page number style. In-text within parentheses for the MLA style is (Anonymous 20). An essay writer service can help you with it. Just tell them the requirements. 
  • The ending page is reserved for the bibliographies. This page is known as “Reference page” for the APA style and the “Works Cited” page for the MLA.
  • The headings are also unique for each format.
    • For APA style the first level heading goes in the center and is emboldened.
    • The second level is also emboldened but it is left indented.
    • The third level is the same as second but just italicized.
    • The fourth level is the same as the second level but with slight indentation and period in the end.
    • The final level is the same as the third but slightly indented.


  • For the MLA style, the first level heading is left indented and emboldened
  • The second level is also left indented with italics.
  • The third level is centered and is emboldened.
  • The next heading level is also centered but with just italics


Now you will have a fair view regarding the styles that both formats have to offer. Each is distinct and you must be able to memorize these so you easily implement these. Another important thing is that you can just use your word processor to form a template that can be used again and again. Most of the style changes remain the same just the content differs. If I ever let anyone write my essay, I want it to follow all the conventions. I am sure the writing specialists know how to achieve this.


There are many other citations and formats that need to be memorized. Luckily, it is a one-time effort to learn and will be useful everywhere. Whenever you use content from any outside source, it is always essential to give the author of the work some credits. This is not only a fair play but at the same time helps to remove plagiarism from your work. Do not use content repeatedly without properly researching the author. This would allow you to enhance the credibility of your paper and get great grades

 Not everyone contains exceptional research and writing skills. If you are one of them, it is better to contact a essay writing service to obtain a perfect essay.